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Our Artificial Intelligence Principles

Ethical AI

At MyVette.com we are deeply committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards in artificial intelligence. We recognize the profound implications of AI technologies on society and strive to ensure our actions and products reflect this understanding.

Our commitment involves:

1. Transparency: We endeavor to make our AI methodologies clear and comprehensible, providing insight into how decisions are made, and ensuring accountability.

2. Fairness: We are dedicated to ensuring our AI systems avoid biases and operate impartially, treating all individuals and groups equitably.

3. Privacy & Security: We take privacy and security seriously, ensuring rigorous safeguards to protect data and respect individual privacy.

4. Human-Centric: We ensure our AI systems are developed and used in a way that places humans first, respecting human rights and prioritizing human safety and well-being.

5. Accountability: We take responsibility for the outcomes of our AI systems, putting mechanisms in place to monitor and rectify any adverse effects.

6. Continual Learning & Improvement: We commit to continually learning, seeking feedback, and making adjustments to improve our ethical AI practice.

We believe that these ethical considerations are not just a component of our business, but a guide for our decision-making process. By prioritizing ethical AI, we aim to create value for society, build trust with our stakeholders, and contribute positively to a future where AI plays an increasingly significant role.

How we use AI

As part of our transparency commitment, we use AI to provide services that are intended to educate and enhance the enjoyment related to automotive car collecting and community building. We do not sell your personal information.

Our processes include:

1. Use of ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4: We use OpenAI to create narratives based on your car.  We do not include personal information such as your name but do include any details you wish to have included in the "details" you provide in your profile. 

2. VIN Data: We do not include VIN numbers (if provided) in our AI calls but do use traditional API services that provide original manufacturing specifications, salvage history, and recall information much like CarFacts and other services that use public information.

3. AI Generated Images: We may use AI to generate images based on generic descriptions of the image we want created. Most of the images on this site are AI generated. We do not use personal data in these prompts.

4. AI enabled text to speech: We utilize AI to create natural sounding voice narratives from the text descriptions of your cars and for providing information about our services.  We provide you with editorial discretion of content involving your cars.

5: Avitar creation and animation: We create human-like images that are not based upon real individuals, and generate scripts and animate them for entertainment and educational value to describe our services.

6. Creation of 3D imagery: We offer AI services to generate interactive 3D models of your cars with your consent.

We continue to evaluate AI enabled services to enrich the value of our service platform and may release additional functionality consistent with our ethical AI standards.

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