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History of Corvette

From its debut in 1953 and through the 8 generations to follow leading up to this 70th anniversary, the Corvette has authored many pages in the history books. This section will lead you to highlight the heritage of this extraordinary automobile and links to a few of the finest resources on the web.


Who doesn't go here first, these days? In fact, we financially support Wikimedia in their efforts to provide this free encyclopedia.


Here is a description of all eight generations of Corvette, written and narrated by artificial intelligence.  Fascinating.

National Museum

The story as told by the institution that is the official museum for preserving the Corvette heritage.

Why isn't there any information about the 1983 Corvette?

Anywhere you look for a 1983 Corvette, you will notice a gap. No 1983 models were sold yet one exists at the National Corvette Museum. How did that happen?


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