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Vette Wiki

Contains original content and curated set of links to information from around the web related to Corvette history and technical specifications.  We attempt to bring it together in one place and organized.



Interested in connecting with other Corvette owners? Find a local club, organization, or event by searching the directories we have posted.


Car Shows

Check out some recommendations for planning and conducting a car show.


Tell Your Story

A revolutionary way for Corvette owners to share the heritage and unique story of their car harnessing the horsepower of AI to create an educational and inspirational web page that is easily shared with friends, family, and other Corvette enthusiasts.



Attend events.  Many of the organizations that celebrate Corvette also provide support to local charities. We post many events here so you may find one near you.

Getting Organized

Review our picks for various solutions to common issues faced by clubs and organizations in running the "back office".


Vin Data

How to best harvest information associated with your VIN number.  From factory specs to title and recall information.



Find out what the market thinks your Corvette is worth.



Considerations in protecting your automobile collection.

Save the Wave

A Symbol of Camaraderie in the Corvette Community

For more than half a century, there has been a unique and cherished tradition among Chevrolet Corvette owners: the “Save the Wave” slogan. This phrase symbolizes the camaraderie that exists among Corvette owners, acknowledging one another with a wave as they pass each other on the road.

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