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I am glad you found this site and I hope you come away with some valuable information. You may be wondering why this site exists and who benefits from it. The following information is offered because I share your passion for the Corvette and hope to use my skills and experience to help others gain information and make relationships that further deepen their admiration for America's Sportscar.  It is here in the hope it benefits YOU!

About me – I am a successful entrepreneur and have had the good fortune of using a portion of my business success to assemble a small collection of Corvettes. My first job was pumping gas in a full-service station, and I have always had a love for cars. My early career was spent in the automotive industry and the skills I gained from learning HOW various automotive systems work together to produce results have been instrumental in becoming proficient at business processes and problem solving. My full bio is on my LinkedIn profile here: LinkedIn

My Involvement - I am a Lifetime Member of the National Corvette Museum as well as a Winner Circle and Spire Society Donor.  I also serve as an Ambassador to Space City Corvette Club, where I am on the Board.  I wrote an article pondering the fate of the first year Corvettes, and I was featured on an NBC news special commemorating the 70th anniversary of the introduction of Corvette.  


As I looked around the Web to satisfy me curiosity about the origins of the cars I collect, I made a few observations. First, Corvette owners are generally an enthusiastic, congenial and fun-loving group of people who take enormous pride in their automobile.

I also noticed that many clubs and organizations have created content on the web about the car. So many in fact, that there is a good detail of dated material as well as sites that are heavy with advertising banners and broken links. I thought perhaps if someone curated the information others might have a more effective way of keeping track of events and resources rather than bookmarking dozens of sites. I also imagined that if this was done well enough, webmasters for clubs all over the country might consider partnering on some basic factual and historical information to enrich content for their members. In the pursuit of curating Corvette facts and history,

I began using AI tools like ChatGPT.   I then envisioned a way to personalize the information to each Corvette owner, and the idea for MyGarage was born.  I am having a blast bringing it online and am fortunate to be able to tap into the talented folks I have worked with throughout my career to offer you a new way to manage, share and celebrate your unique automotive story!

Use the CONTACT page to drop a line with any thoughts and suggestions.

NCM Motor Park, Bowling Green, KY


I am maintaining this information in a way that allows clubs or individuals to have a curated and indexed way to get to the most relevant information and services offered in the Corvette community.  I also make recommendations and best-practices to deal with some common pain points experienced by car clubs.  All recommendations are made knowing that value is only created when the benefits achieved are far greater than cost.  In some cases, the referral links are incentivized by the service provider.  

How I envision AI as an accelerator

Artificial intelligence is already having profound impact on how business is done, how decisions are made and how people interact, and we are only now beginning to comprehend how the future will be shaped. I believe like most technologies, AI will allow us to accomplish far more in significantly less time.  The pace of innovation, advances in science, and understanding of the world around us will be amazing... and perhaps a little scary.  As an entrepreneur, I am eager to discover new ways to create value, in the case of MyGarage-AI, in providing a tool to car collectors that feeds the passion and creates greater enjoyment of their prized automibile.


I have tried to verify and use credible sources for the information shared on this site and where possible created links to sources rather than try to recreate them here. However, I can't guarantee the accuracy of everything that is posted. I do hope that this collection of information saves you some time searching for information and serves to increase your knowledge and pride of owning a true American Sportscar!

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